Cancel Rescue Mission [TB#2.6] | January 2022, France

Jazz at its peril, with its balancing acts and magic tricks, between furrowed expanses and explored depths. Music for surveyors and speleologists, no doubt, music for vulcanologists. Quentin Biardeau and Etienne Ziemniak on the one hand, Corey Wilkes and Justin Dillard on the other, have attended the best schools: those they’ve given themselves, where anything goes. As well as artist collectives that have taken over what used to be called “a scene”: the TriCollectif in Orleans or the Capsule Collectif in Tours, the AACM in Chicago. They can be very respectful (they know their history, from Guillaume de Machaut to Ornette Coleman, and from nu soul to Madagascan Tsapiky), they can be very irreverent (they forbid themselves). They take malicious pleasure in following the trail of gunpowder. Expect a few flare-ups.

January 6, Le Vauban (Brest)

After hours and eternities in the Other World, in Finistère, on abandoned shores (magnetic beaches) and in overcrowded backrooms (magnetic beaches too), Corey Wilkes, Justin Dillard, Quentin Biardeau and Etienne Ziemniak launch themselves into the void, into the bull’s-eye, into the Tout-Monde. It’s going to be electric.

January 20, Le Taquin (Toulouse)

The Bridge 2.6 puts the ghost back in the machine. There are spectres before there are skeletons, and skeletons before there are bodies, flesh and bone, jouissance. There are voices and poltergeists under the pavement in jazz.

January 21, Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-bas (Grenoble)

The Centre International des Musiques Nomades doesn’t think it’s such a good idea to host the itinerants of the latest avatar on The Bridge. Between the pink or red pillars, after a long preparatory bath of sonic acid, blessings are said, curses are hurled, delirious and mysterious, but above all in jubilation.

January 14 & 15, in Brest

The members of The Bridge #2.6 answer questions and ask questions, especially questions, of pupils from Collège Camille Vallaux in Le Relecq-Kerhuon, or welcome students from the Licence Art program to their play and invention sessions at Espace Léo Ferré in Bellevue.

January 18, CRR de Paris

Corey Wilkes gives a masterclass to students of the Cycle spécialisé jazz and Classes préparatoires à l’enseignement supérieur. On the program: stories, sessions, stories, sessions, stories… edifying and laugh-out-loud funny.

January 20, Le Taquin (continued)

After passing through its centrifuge, The Bridge 2.6 lends an ear to the five members of Baraque à free: Sarah Brault on vocals and effects, Antoine Ferris on electric bass, Sylvain Rey on piano, Simon Riou on alto saxophone and Ludovic Schmidt on trumpets. In two parts, but above all in three movements: their study (but as we say in painting) of silences and noises; the rallies of Quentin Biardeau and Etienne Ziemniak, the surges of Corey Wilkes and Justin Dillard – the latter as the king’s fool; and the final sequence of bevels and crosshatching.

January 22, Vitrolles

In the Moulin à Jazz, four Don Quixotes travel through rooms, plains and mountains in search of magical doors to other worlds. Their keys are musical instruments; their musical instruments release poltergeists.

January 23, Monoblet

On the terraces of the Cévennes, The Bridge 2.6 goes from 4 to 8 with Robin Fincker on tenor saxophone and hospitality, Benoît Pérez on mischievous trumpet, Scott Walton on all-terrain double bass and Samuel Silvant on drums and fauverie. And along the way, from one subset to another, from an appearance to a disappearance, they find a band name: Cancel Rescue Mission.

January 24, Lyon

From the adjustable wings of a Moulin to the lenses and prisms of a Periscope, Cancel Rescue Mission (in the red) moves through the air, evolves beneath the surface of the water, takes shape, hears voices, speaks in tongues. It shakes and shakes.

January 25, Luzillé

On the road, behind the thickest fog, Cancel Rescue Mission discovers another magic door, between the wood-burning stove and the foosball table: the Cappozzone. This will be a mock Trumpet Summit, but above all it will be music that blends in with everything and everyone’s trees. All of which ends in contemplation at the foot of Louis Armstrong’s voice.

January 27, Poitiers en son Confort Moderne

The Bridge 2.6 has momentarily lost Quentin Biardeau and momentarily found Maxime Bobo. It’s at Jazz à Poitiers that other whirlwinds are cultivated, rapid rotations of air, sometimes ascending, sometimes descending. Nothing can stop the encounters and dances from taking place, on the spiral.

January 26, Paris or Poitiers

Whether students from the Music Department of the UFR Arts, Philosophie, Esthétique of the Université Paris 8 – Saint-Denis, or those from the artistic practice workshop of the Service culturel of the Université de Poitiers… everyone gets ready, prepares, figures and reconfigures themselves as they receive the mission order, Cancel Rescue Mission.

Germigny-l’Exempt, January 29

At Luisant, one by one, all the energy bridges are crossed, propagation wave after propagation wave. This is the home of the artificial engineers. The earth trembles, the old barn teeters on its foundations, objects and subjects are blurred, the sacred is in everyday life.

Vendôme, January 30

At the Minotaure, which inevitably makes free figures in its labyrinth, Cancel Rescue Mission (after Arthur Delaleu and Pierre Lambla’s meanderings) doesn’t really emerge from this maze, from the spider’s web they themselves have woven. The mystery remains almost complete.

January 31, Tours

At Le Petit faucheux (itself an arachnid), Cancel Rescue Mission ends up escaping, like the genie from his lamp, moving heaven and earth again, methodically, obstinately, from one backwash to the next, spiraling. And even Howlin’ Wolf is summoned.

January 31, Tours. At Le Petit faucheux too, the members of Cancel Rescue Mission passed the baton to the pupils of a 6th grade class at Collège Corneille.

Arcueil, February 1

At the Espace Jean Vilar, as part of the Sons d’hiver festival, The Bridge 2.6, which became Cancel Rescue Mission along the way, on a mission, on a tour, picked up cellist and trapeze artist Valentin Ceccaldi in extremis… The five of them return to the diabolical crossroads of the blues, in the dust, in the air, and pass on the baton, the stick of dynamite.

Almost a rebus. The secret of Cancel Rescue Mission.