The Bridge’s mission is to develop relationships and mutual knowledge between musicians and structures from both continents through the continuous support of Franco-American groups and the organization of tours/exploratory trips. One of the results of our activity since 2013 has been to encourage more and more initiatives in parallel with the four annual tours.

Some of these initiatives are listed here. They fall under the following scenarios: 

  • Helping (putting in contact, communication support, logistical support) ensembles that have already benefited from our system and completed a complete tour, but wish to continue their adventures elsewhere in France, Europe and/or North America, to set up new tours
  • Help musicians who are members of ensembles to plan the parallel activities of their choice, on the margins of tours
  • Designing, during the tours, with our partners in concert halls and festivals, several concerts in co-presentation, associating formations co-directed by at least one other musician member of The Bridge, or close to the network. And by encouraging cross-over between groups during the evening
  • Co-constructing Franco-American initiatives outside of the ensembles we produce and the tours we organize

For any information about The Bridge’s ensembles, and the possibility to invite them, please contact the team.

April 2015, France

La Passerelle #1

Aymeric Avice & Avreeayl Ra

June 2015, France

Twins [LP#2]

Fred Jackson / Stéphane Payen / Edward Perraud / Frank Rosaly

August 2016, Météo Festival, France

Sonic Communion [LP#3]

Jean-Luc Cappozzo / Douglas R. Ewart / Joëlle Léandre / Bernard Santacruz / Michael Zerang

August 2017, Météo Festival, France

The Turbine [LP#4]

Harrison Blankhead / Benjamin Duboc / Ramon Lopez / Hamid Drake + Toshinori Kondo

April 2018, Europe

The Sync [LP#5]

Sylvaine Hélary / Fred Longberg-Holm / Eve Risser / Mike Reed

Summer 2019, Europe

A Pride of Lions [LP#6]

Joe McPhee / Daunik Lazro / Joshua Abrams / Guillaume Séguron / Chad Taylor

March 22 2013, Maison des Arts de Créteil

Launch concert in Paris

Tortoise & guests at Festival Sons d’Hivers

October 2019, France

Something like a festival

Celebrating the transition between two cycles

April 26 2013, Chicago Cultural Center

Launch concert in Chicago

Fred Jackson Jr. / Stéphane Payen / Edward Perraud / Frank Rosaly

2018, France

The ONJ invites Mike Reed

The City Was Yellow : The Chicago Suite

2012-2016, New-York—Brest—Chicago

Arch — Chicago Now !

5 years of collaboration between the Brest and Chicago stages

February 2018, Vents du Sud

Escape Lane, second album

Recording of the concert in Port-Louis

2016, RogueArt

Heads or Tails

Sylvain Kassap & Hamid Drake

February 2019, Sons d’Hivers, Paris


Julien Desprez & Rob Mazurek Ensemble

October 2019, France

Bernard Santacruz & Michael Zerang

A tour

November 2019, France

TOC & Dave Rempis

2019, Freddy Morezon

Reverse Winchester

Mike Ladd & Mathieu Sourisseau

2020, RogueArt


Claudia Solal & Benoît Delbecq