Forget to Find [TB#1.13, return journey] | October 2020, France

Above all, expect nothing, be ready for anything. The four strong personalities who make up this ensemble are experts in the uncertain art of amazement. Between their hands and their breaths, the musical instruments are sometimes like microscopes, sometimes like telescopes, scrutinizing all the states and dynamics of sound and resonant space, unsuspected or bewildering. And again, obvious. Their meticulousness at certain moments is matched only by their abundance at others, with never a mechanical transition from sequence to sequence. And their intelligence of interactivity between improvisers accepts all complementarities, all contestations, in the greatest of challenges to the game and to each other. As one of them puts it, “I believe that the improvised encounter brings out the contradictions: those of individual discourses, revealed by the interplay of tensions between them. Everyone comes with their own memory, their own experience, their own ears, their own techniques, their own methods, doing everything they can to forget everything and live in the moment, to play with others, against others, to be polite, provocative… But, paradoxically, it’s only by wanting very hard to be all these things that they are themselves more than ever.

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