Chronique du disque “Sonic Communion”

Par Downtown Music Gallery, mai 2015

Sonic Communion is Jean-Luc Cappozzo on trumpet & flugelhorn, Douglas Ewart on woodwinds & objects, Joelle Leandre & Bernard Santacruz on double basses and Michael Zerang on drums. This disc appeared in my promo box last week and I was pleased to see this unusual international line-up. Most of the members of this quintet come from much different backgrounds so I would imagine this is the first time this particular line-up toured in France together over two weeks in October of 2013. No doubt you recognize the names of flute master Doug Ewart and drum great Michael Zerang, both from Chicago. Both bassists are from France although you probably are familiar with Ms. Leandre who is one of the best and most prolific bassists from Europe. I know very little about Mr. Santacruz aside from his work with Frank Lowe, Dennis Charles and Charles Tyler. Trumpet man, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, I have become more familiar with over the past few years, working with Herb Robertson, Louis Sclavis and Umberto Petrin. Douglas Ewart is know for designing and making his own flutes but also plays other reeds. He starts off this disc playing soprano sax, the quintet soaring with him high and wide. Both bassists sound particularly great together, bowing and plucking up a storm together with Zerang propulsive drums also kicking up a fury. Both the soprano and trumpet soar together tightly and powerfully on top. This disc seas recorded by Jean-Marc Foussat, who has long worked with Ms. Leandre and always does a great job. This is not an over-the-top crazed free session but much more organic and even subdued at times with several trios or duos interacting. As a big fan of spirit music, there is something quite uplifting about this date that feels so good to me. Dive in and sail away with Sonic Communion. We got this disc from a young man who works for this label in France. When we sell out of the dozen copies we got, more will be delivered during the Vision Fest in July of 2015. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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